DataStage Tools

The following tools are provided on an "as-is" basis without warranty of any kind. Please refer to the agreement in each tool for complete details. These tools have only been tested with DataStage server jobs.

The following tools were developed for DataStage version 6 and beyond.

Routine called in a sequence to return the row count on a link.

Jobs and routines to integrate a parameter table into a sequence.

Jobs and routines to integrate QualityStage into a sequence.

Search a dsx file for a string.

List all files and tables used by jobs in a dsx file.

List routines called by jobs and routines in a dsx file.

Create a VOC pointer to a hash file in another directory.

Create a hex/ascii dump of an ebcdic cobol file (Version 2).

Create a hex/ascii dump of an ascii or ebcdic cobol file (Version 3).

Older tools developed using Universe Basic for pre-version 6 DataStage have been moved. Please follow the link below for those tools.

Link to pre-version 6 tools

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